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Update on the Airbag Recalls in the U.S.

airbags deployed in a hit and run accidentEarlier in 2015, Japanese airbag manufacturing company, Takata, admitted to a potentially deadly flaw in its airbag construction that had been happening for years. The company, along with auto manufacturers who use Takata airbags, has since recalled more than 34 million vehicles. However, the issue does not end simply because Takata agreed to the recall, as new developments have been occurring throughout the summer.

More injuries and deaths

Even after the recall was announced, more motorists in the United States either sustained injuries or died due to the defective inflator of the Takata airbag in their vehicle. The inflator causes the airbag to explode, which send shards of metal and other sharp debris into the cabin of the vehicle—right toward the occupants the airbag is intended to protect. To date, automotive experts estimate that eight people have been killed and approximately 160 suffered injuries due to these airbags. At least one of those injuries and one of those deaths have occurred since the recall was announced. Anyone injured by an airbag should consult with an Atlanta product liability attorney as soon as possible.

Take action if your vehicle has been recalled

Reports indicate that a surprisingly small percentage of affected vehicle owners in the U.S. have taken action to get their faulty airbags replaced. It is not known whether owners simply do not know about the recall, do not know their vehicle is included, or that they do not feel that a replacement is urgently necessary. However, due to the continuing injuries and deaths, it is highly important that every driver check to see if their vehicle identification number is included via the database provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).1

In addition, the recall list seems to be increasing still. In June, NHTSA released a list of affected makes and models, however, an airbag recently ruptured in a vehicle not included on that list. U.S. Senators are now calling for Takata to increase the recall2 to include every airbag manufactured by the company to date. Every driver should stay aware of developments in the recall.

If you have sustained an injury, property damage, or lost a loved one and believe it may be due to defective airbags, you should call an experienced Atlanta auto accident injury attorney as soon as you can. Call 770-744-0890 for a free consultation with Boling Rice LLC in Atlanta today.



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