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Are Energy Drinks Dangerous?

Energy drinks in metal cansThe market for energy drinks is massive in the United States. Many Americans turn to these highly caffeinated beverages as an alternative to coffee for a quick pick-me-up throughout the day. While they may provide a burst of energy at least temporarily, many consumers fail to realize the potential dangers of these drinks. Recent lawsuits demonstrate that certain energy drinks do have the potential to cause serious injuries and anyone who has experienced the serious effects of energy drinks should consult with an Atlanta product liability attorney to discuss a possible claim.

Limited FDA regulation

Generally, the Food and Drug Administration regulates that amount of caffeine allowed per ounce in regularly-sold beverages, as well as requires companies to accurately and clearly list the amount of caffeine in each beverage on the container. However, energy drinks are categorized as either dietary or nutritional supplements, which eliminates many of the regulations related to caffeine and warnings. This means that energy drink manufacturers can exceed the usual amount of caffeine and are not required to accurately list the amount on the can or bottle. Though the FDA opened an investigation1 into the dangers of energy drinks and related products back in 2012, little has been done by the agency to further regulate this type of product.

Particular dangers for teens and young adults

Caffeine affects teenagers and young adults differently than full-grown adults. Higher amounts of caffeine can result in serious and life-threatening conditions, including dehydration and heart problems. Despite these risks—as well as teens’ lack of awareness of these potential risks—many energy drink companies market directly toward this demographic. The number of emergency room visits due to energy drink consumption doubled to 20,000 in only four years2 and many of these injuries have resulted in legal claims. One widely publicized lawsuit involves the makers of Monster Energy Drink and the parents of a 14-year-old girl who died of cardiac arrest after consuming only two of the beverages.

If you or your child has been injured by consumption of an energy drink, a qualified Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you. Call the Atlanta office of Boling Rice LLC at 770-744-0890 for a free case evaluation.



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