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We have complied a number of resources to aid our clients and browsers of this website in learning more about personal injury matters, trials and other legal resources that may be helpful. Our goal at Boling Rice LLC in creating this website is not only to allow you to learn more about our personal injury practice but also to gain as much knowledge as possible about your injuries and your potential case. Please review the below articles and other resources.

General Injury Case and Claim Info.:

What Is My Claim Worth?

What It Costs To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Do You Need To Hire A Lawyer—Role of A Personal Injury Attorney

Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Amount of Settlement Or Verdict You Are Likely To Take Home

What Damages Do I Pursue?

Will My Personal Injury Case Go To Trial?

Tips For Handling ERISA Liens In Personal Injury Cases In A Post McCutchen Era

When Punitive Damages Can Be Pursued and How It Works

Key Things To Think Of When Looking For The Right Injury Lawyer

3 Common Defense Strategies To Try To Defeat Your Injury Claim

How Social Medical Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Car Accident Information:

What Are You Entitled To In A Car Accident?

What Should I Do after a Georgia Car Accident?

Answers To FAQ After An Accident In Georgia

3 Things NOT To DO After A Car Wreck

What Is The Statute of Limitations In A Car Accident Claim

How Property Damage Claims Work

Amount of Compensation Deserved After A Car Accident

Giving A Statement to the Insurance Company or Company Home Office

What To Bring To Your First Visit With A Car Accident Lawyer

Other Sources of Insurance Coverage—-UM Insurance Is Important

Rain and Wet Roads Greatly Increase Your Risk of Being Injured in an Atlanta Car Accident

Truck Accident Claims in Georgia

Why Truck Accident Cases Are So Different From Ordinary Car Accident Cases

How To Pay Medical Bills After A Semi-Truck Accident

Why Truck Accident Claims Require Use of Spoliation of Evidence Letters and What They Should Contain

Common Terms To Help Understand Your Case Better

Motorcycle Accident Information:

Georgia Helmet Law and Its Affect On Your Case

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Georgia?

Ultimate Guide To Wrongful Death Claims In Georgia

Wrongful Death Resulting From Police Actions

Workplace Accident Information:

Machine Guarding Accidents and Workplace Injuries


Legal Resources of Interest

The Injury Guide—Offers a legal directory of over 3,000 lawyers across the country as well as helpful personal injury articles and latest news the industry.