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Atlanta Streetcar System Puts Riders At Risk, According To Report

Modern TramSince summer of 2014, Atlanta residents have been able to take advantage of a new streetcar system that serves the downtown area. The project has not gone smoothly, however, and there have been multiple issues with the streetcar, ranging from a delayed start date to a myriad of problems with maintenance. A recent report1 obtained by WSB-TV indicates that these problems may just be the tip of the iceberg and that a lack of technicians with sufficient training is putting riders at risk.

Public transportation accidents can result in significant injuries

Like all other forms of transportation riding a public streetcar, bus, or train puts riders at an inherent risk of injury. The injuries that people sustain in public transportation accidents can be extremely serious, and may include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, and burns, just to name a few. Thankfully for victims, people who are injured in Atlanta public transportation accidents are often able to recover for their injuries by filing a personal injury claim against the agency responsible for their accident.

Suing public agencies can be complicated

Because public transportation is usually operated by a state agency, special legal rules often apply to lawsuits that arise from public transportation accidents. Under a legal doctrine known as sovereign immunity,2 the government and its various agencies cannot be sued except to the extent to which it has consented to such lawsuits. Fortunately for the people of Georgia, the government has just done just this through the passage of the Georgia Tort Claims Act, albeit with significant limitations on how long a victim has to file a lawsuit as well as limits on recovery. Because of the significant differences involved in suing a public agency, anyone injured in a public transportation accident should talk to an attorney familiar with handling these kinds of claims.

Call an Atlanta personal injury attorney today to discuss your case

Preventable accidents can leave victims with significant injuries, medical expenses, lost income, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. When victims can establish that these accidents were the result of negligence, they can often recover significant compensation for these and other losses. Speaking with an injury attorney right away is critical in order to protect your rights and to receive just compensation.




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