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Can I Sue If I Am Injured By Chemicals Used To Treat Residential Pools?

Premises Liability & Swimming Pools in AtlantaAccording to the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission1 (CPSC), almost 5,000 people were treated in emergency departments around the country because of injuries caused by exposure to pool chemicals. With spring officially here, many people in the Atlanta area will start preparing to open their residential pools for the summer. While pools are a great source of recreations and exercise for adults and children alike, the presence of potentially harmful and highly concentrated chemicals creates an inherent risk of injury. In many cases, people who are injured by these chemicals have the right to recover for their injuries by filing a premises liability claim.

The experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyers of Boling Rice, LLC can evaluate the circumstances of your injury and advise you as to whether you have a right to file a legal claim.

In the meantime, below are some examples of common scenarios in which people who are injured by pool chemicals often have a legal right to recover.

Injuries caused by improperly stored chemicals – Pool owners have a responsibility to ensure that their pool chemicals are properly stored and labeled. In cases where exposure occurs because of a failure to do either, victims may be able to recover.

Injuries caused by improperly mixed pool chemicals – Pool chemicals are often extremely concentrated and must be mixed in certain ways in order to be safely used. If they are not, chemical reactions can occur that may cause injury to people who may be in the vicinity.

Improperly manufactured pool chemicals – When pool chemicals are defectively manufactured, they can cause serious injury due to improper concentrations or mislabeled formulations.

Ineffectively treated pool water – Pool chemicals are used to keep pool water sanitary and safe for swimmers. If a pool owner fails to properly treat his or her water, it can result in microbial contamination or other problems that can result in infection and other medical issues.2

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