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Damages In Atlanta Personal Injury Claims

personal injury damages lawyer | Boling Rice LLCIf you should be in a car accident or suffered an injury as a result of a bike accident, showing and identifying your own personal injury problems is crucial to recovering the cash you’ll need and deserve. It’s very important to contact an experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer to ensure that all of your damages are incorporated before completing a claim.

These varieties of damages are common in most types of injury lawsuits:

  • Medical Costs: Before you report a personal injury, you’ll want to get medical attention to diagnose and treat your injuries. When you file your suit, include all costs associated with your medical treatment including hospital costs, accounts from physician appointments, statements for medication, and any cost that you incurred during treatment.
  • Rehabilitation therapy: If your injury involves continuing therapy and treatment, you must include those costs, as well. Keep track of trips to hospitals, chiropractors, along with other doctors who give you the physical therapy you need after an accident. If your rehabilitation treatment is continuous and needed after your personal injury lawsuit, be sure you project the future costs of all the treatment therapy you’ll need and give that to your attorney.
  • Lost wages: If you are struggling to work because of your injury, include the wages you lost while recovering. Pain and suffering damages in your injury lawsuit place a monetary value about how your injury is affecting your quality of life.
  • Punitive damages: Punitive damages[1] are rarely given, and only suitable when the party who caused your injury was acting intentionally or was extremely negligent. Punitive damages are involved as long as the opposing party needs to be punished for the behavior that caused your injury.
  • Costs of a personal injury lawsuit: Included in your damages calculation, you are permitted to include all charges which you have incurred as a consequence of filing the lawsuit. Typical costs are the expenses related to filing a claim, the cost which you spend on your lawyer, along with the investment in expert witnesses or gathering critical pieces of data.

While you list the damages[2] you wish to pursue within your personal injury lawsuit, you’ll need to supply proof that you’re eligible for the amount that you claim. The easiest way to support your personal injury damages request would be to record everything from the time of the injury together with your hospital treatment, ability to work, health, and how your total well being has changed. The following documents can help you verify your damage calculation:

  • Medical documents – include costs from debts and the hospital, and all written communications regarding your diagnosis and necessary treatment and medical experts or individual physicians.
  • Physical therapy bills – all accounts from chiropractors or counselors, including money which you spend on gear that you might want to purchase to continue your physical recovery.
  • Documentation from work – any type of correspondence from your organization’s HR department. Make sure your company details notes of any specific accommodations that had to be made and work attendance following the incident.
  • Pictures – photographs may be important in indicating what caused your injury, and will be used to show its effects. It may be valuable as you follow your injury claim, if you have noted long-term bruising or scars.

Annually, a high variety of accidental injury cases are filed in Fulton County, Georgia. Many of these are derived from some kind of negligence because of random or unintentional injuries. Some traditional types of accidental injury cases include:

  • Car crash injuries, including pedestrian accidents
  • Motorcycle collisions
  • Vehicle crashes
  • Consumer injuries resulting from defective products

Only a competent Atlanta personal injury lawyer can protect your rights under Georgia law to be sure you receive the most compensation you deserve.




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