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Dangerous Products May Result in Electrocution

Hand Inserting An Electrical Plug Into A Wall Socket.Defective or dangerous consumer products can cause a wide variety of injuries. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CSPC),1 one common injury caused by such products is electrocution. Electrocution can result in extremely serious injuries and symptoms and statistics indicate that product-related electrocutions even resulted in 100 deaths of victims in a single year. Overall, everyone should be aware of the risks of electrocution when using any type of consumer product and should contact an experienced products liability attorney in Atlanta if electrocution should occur.

Which products cause the most electrocutions?

According to a report published2 by the CPSC, the following products caused the most electrocutions in the past decade:

·      Large household appliances

·      Small household appliances

·      Power tools

·      Lighting equipment

·      Electrical poles

·      Electrical cords

·      Antennas

·      Extension cords

·      Household wiring

·      Electric fences

·      Ladders

·      Hot tubs or whirlpools

·      Recreational equipment

·      Piping

·      Lawn or garden equipment

·      Holiday lights

·      Hand tools

·      Amusement rides


You probably have many of these products in your home with which you and your family members come into contact on a daily basis. For this reason, electrocutions can happen to you when you least expect it.

Electrocutions cause serious injuries

When you come in contact with an electrical source and receive a shock, it can immediately cause serious thermal burns on your skin at the point of contact. Furthermore, the human body is a surprisingly strong electrical conductor, which means the current often keeps traveling through a victim’s body. Even if your external wounds seem minor, you may have sustained substantial internal damage due to the traveling current. An electrocution can result in damage to your organs, muscles, soft tissue, and nervous system and may even result in cardiac arrest. Victims of electrocutions should always seek immediate medical attention and often require extensive treatment.

An experienced Atlanta products liability attorney can help you recover

If you have been electrocuted by a consumer product, the manufacturer should be held liable for selling a defective product or failing to properly warn of the risks of that product. At the Atlanta law firm of Boling Rice LLC, our product liability lawyers have helped many victims receive the compensation they deserve. Call for a free consultation today at 770-744-0890.




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