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Do You Have a Samsung Washing Machine? It Could Cause Injuries

Samsung has already had a rough year after the cancellation of production and sales of the much-awaited Galaxy Note 71 – a new smartphone with supposed cutting-edge technology. As it turned out, that technology caused the batteries in the phones to smoke, catch on fire, and even explode. After an unsuccessful recall, the company ceased selling the phone altogether, taking a major loss on the endeavor.

Now, Samsung has made headlines for yet another potentially dangerous product. According to a report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC),2 the company has recalled approximately 2.8 million washing machines, including 34 different models, that have the potential to cause injury. The washing machines are all top-loading and can vibrate excessively, which can cause the top of the washer to detach. The company heard at least 733 reports of detachment or near-detachment due to excessive vibrations. Nine consumers reported that they suffered injuries due to detachment, including a shoulder injury, a broken jaw, and other injuries caused by the impact of the top hitting the consumer or subsequent falling.

If you have a Samsung top-loading washing machine, you should check the CPSC recall website or contact Samsung to see if your model is affected. If so, you can have your washing machine repaired, replaced, or in some cases, refunded.

Injuries Caused by Home Appliances

The recent Samsung recall is only one example of how home appliances can result in injuries to you or members of your family. Stoves, microwaves, ovens, dishwashers, and other large and small home appliances can malfunction and cause serious injury.

Manufacturers of consumer products have the legal duty to ensure that the products they design, produce, and sell is safe for their intended use. In addition, if a particular product has certain risks associated with its use, the company is expected to provide adequate warnings of those risks.

When companies receive reports of injuries caused by a malfunctioning product and the risk of malfunction may be widespread, the company is then expected to issue a recall of that product to repair or replace the defective part – generally at no cost to the consumer. Just because a product has been recalled does not mean that injured consumers do not have the right to compensation for injuries they experienced due to the defective product, however. Any consumer injured by a washing machine, Samsung smartphone, or any other defective product should discuss their legal rights with an experienced products liability attorney in Atlanta as soon as possible.



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