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Dog Bites Can Lead to Amputations and Significant Compensation

Agressive DobermanEarlier this year, one case out of Georgia1 demonstrated just how serious a dog attack can be and how much bite victims can recover for their injuries and losses. In 2010, eight-year-old Erin Ingram was playing basketball outside of her house when two unleashed pit bulls charged at her and began attacking her. The dogs bit her repeatedly and the girl claimed she was sure she was going to die. She survived, though had her left arm amputated and lost most of her ability to use her right arm. She also suffered extreme emotional distress from the attack, leading to debilitating nightmares and fears.

The dog owner faced criminal charges as well as a personal injury claim in civil court on behalf of Ingram. It was determined that the dogs had previously bitten children in the neighborhood and the jury—some of whom were pit bull owners themselves—ultimately believed that the owner had specifically trained those dogs to attack. The jury in the case awarded the girl more than $36 million dollars for her losses plus an extra $36 million in punitive damages, meant to punish the dog owner. Georgia, however, has a law2 in place that limits punitive damages to $250,000. Though the award was reduced to about $37 million total, such recovery can substantially help a dog bite victim and their family obtain the necessary treatment and feel a sense of justice after such a brutal attack.

Though clearly not every dog bite case will be worth millions of dollars, this is just an example of how a personal injury case following a dog bite can help victims.

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Dog bites can not only cause devastating and permanent physical injuries but can further result in severe mental and emotional trauma, as well. Dog bite victims deserve full compensation for their losses from the negligent dog owner and the skilled dog bite lawyers at the Atlanta office of Boling Rice LLC are committed to standing up for the rights of dog bite victims. We offer free consultations, so please do not delay in calling us at 770-744-0890 for assistance today.




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