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Dog Bites and Dangerous Animals Can Cause Significant Injuries and Even Death

Dogs truly are man’s best friend and given our hunter-gatherer history and the role that dogs play in hunting, it is at least plausible that dogs were the first domesticated animal.  But dogs also have the capacity to maim, maul and bite people.  On Christmas Eve, 2016 a pair of dogs mauled a seven year old neighbor boy in Gwinnett County, who lost both of his ears in the process and had to suffer 300 stitches.  Just three weeks prior to that, a pit bull mauled a little girl in Atlanta.  She too lost an ear.  Some Georgia residents even suffer death during such dog attacks.

Georgia law allows victims of dog attacks to seek recompense from the dog’s owner under certain conditions.  More specifically, O.C.G.A. 51-2-7 requires that the injured party show several things to collect under Georgia law. The law requires:

  • That the animal was indeed vicious or dangerous
  • The owner caused the injury by allowing the animal to “go at liberty” or “by careless management”
  • The injured party did not provoke the animal into attacking

The same law also allows the victim of the injury to establish or prove the vicious propensity of the offending animal if local ordinances requires such animals to be on a leash and the same animal was not on a leash.  As such, horse bites and stompings will likely not be covered by such laws.  Yet at the same time, if you are in a park, where local ordinance requires a dog to be on a leash and the same dog harms you in any way, not even by way of biting you, you can prove the dangerous or vicious tendencies by simply showing the existence of such laws and the failure of the owner to follow such laws. Victims have up to two years to bring a personal injury claim to collect against the owner of such vicious or dangerous animal.


Consult with an Atlanta Dog Bite Attorney

If a loved one or you suffered injuries as a result of a pet, you must speak with an experienced Atlanta dog bite and personal injury attorneyYou can call Boling Rice LLC to setup your free consultation or contact us through our online contact form and someone will promptly call you in regards to your case.

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