Dram Shop Act

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According to the Georgia “Governors Office of Highway Safety”: http://www.gohs.state.ga.us/ drivers in this state experience about “5,000 alcohol related crashes per year”.¬†Approximately five percent of these result in wrongful deaths. Of course the drivers who drink to the state of intoxication and then get behind the wheel of a car are responsible, but what about the bartenders and servers who provide the alcohol knowing that their patrons are going to drive home? What about the bars and restaurants that allow this practice to go on night after night? Don’t they bear any liability? The Georgia State Legislature thought so. If you’ve suffered injuries in a DUI related crash, or a loved one was killed by a drunk driver, it’s possible that the purveyor of the drinking establishment that served him or her may also be liable.

What is the Dram Shop Act?

In 1988, Georgia enacted legislation that holds an establishment that “serves alcoholic beverages to a person who is in a state of noticeable intoxication, knowing that such person will soon be driving a motor vehicle” liable for damages. This law frees Georgia lawyers to pursue not only drunk drivers for personal injury and wrongful death accidents, but also the establishment where they imbibed as well. If you or a loved on has suffered injury at the hands of a drunk driver who recently left a restaurant or drinking establishment, the attorneys of Boling Rice LLC can help.

Experienced Atlanta Personal Injury and DUI Liability Attorneys

Because the plaintiff must demonstrate that the staff of the drinking establishment knew or should have known that their patron was drunk and planning to drive, Dram Shop litigation requires evidence and testimony that goes well beyond a police investigation for a DUI crash. The legal team of Boling Rice LLC has extensive experience at building dram shop cases for their Georgia clients:

  • Did the drunk driver valet his or her car?
  • Did the driver arrive together with a large group indicating that they arrived together in a vehicle?
  • Is the establishment located in an area that’s not easily accessed without a car?
  • How much did the drunk driver consume at the establishment?
  • Does the bar or restaurant have a history of drunk drivers being arrested or involved in accidents after leaving their premises?
  • Did the dram shop make any attempt to arrange for alternate transportation for the drunk driver?

Many factors can affect the successful outcome of a dram shop related injury or wrongful death case, and the lawyers of Boling Rice LLC know what those are.

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