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Can Exercise Apps Lead to Back and Neck Injuries?

Neck pain during training. Athlete running Caucasian blond womanIn recent years, many people searching for a fitness program have turned to their smartphones. There seems to be an “app” for everything and exercise is certainly no different—there are hundreds of different apps available that claim to be a guide to a fitter, leaner you. Unfortunately, according to a recent report from the University of Florida (UF) Health researchers,1 most of these apps are not reliable on many levels.

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)2 sets out criteria for quality workout programs based on safety, stretching, cool-downs, proper progression, and recommended frequency. If a program does not live up to these standards, there could be a risk of participants suffering serious injuries, including neck and back injuries that may plague them for a long time. The UF Health study examined the 30 most popular free apps for fitness programs and found that the overwhelming majority fell far short of the guidelines. Out of a maximum of 14 points, only one app scored 9.01 points and the next-highest score was a dismal 5.39 points. Eight of the apps scored less than one point, indicating that they not only provide minimal benefits for users but also may put them at risk for serious injury by not instructing proper safety methods.

Neck and back injuries are common with exercise programs

Injuries to the muscles and soft tissue in the neck and back are some of the most common injuries sustained by individuals who set out on an inadequately planned fitness program. Pushing individuals beyond their skill levels, not teaching proper form, and not providing instructions for adequate cool-downs and stretching can all easily lead to neck and back injuries. While not every individual who suffers a neck or back injury due to a fitness program will be entitled to compensation, you may be if the instructor or company responsible for the program acted in a negligent manner. It is always a good idea to consult with a personal injury attorney who can evaluate your particular situation.

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