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Injuries in Dangerous Fitness Centers

Fitness BikeMillions of individuals in the United States regularly visit fitness centers, gyms, and similar establishments for health and fitness. While visiting a fitness center should be good for your body, many people suffer injuries while working out. Some of these injuries, such as sprains or strains, are simply a byproduct of exercise and are generally no one’s fault. However, on other occasions, injuries are caused by either a negligent employee at the fitness center or due to defective fitness equipment. In such situations, injured victims have the right to recover for their losses from the responsible party.

Negligent trainers and employees

If you hire a personal trainer or go to a fitness class, you should be able to trust that they are knowledgeable and qualified and will not put you at risk for injury. If a trainer or teacher pushes you beyond your skill level or instructs you to do something that may cause injury, the fitness center that employs them should be liable for any injuries and losses that result.

Fitness equipment

The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that about 50,000 people head to the E.R. each year due to accidents involving fitness balls, weights, resistant bands, cardio machines, and other types of equipment. If the accident is not due to user error but instead because of defects in the equipment, the manufacturer of the defective equipment should be held liable. Reports indicate that treadmills send the highest number of people to the hospital, totaling 19,000 Americans in a single year. If you suffer injury due to any piece of malfunctioning fitness equipment, you deserve compensation for your losses.

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