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Get As Much UM Coverage As Possible

We recently learned of yet another catastrophic car accident that should be a reminder to everyone of the importance of getting as much UM automobile coverage as possible.  A few days ago a Gwinnett County couple was struck head-on at a high rate of speed when an 18 year-old texting while driving crossed the center lane.  The couple were severely injured and the 18 year-old was completely uninsured leaving the couple with very few options to cover their medical bills, pain and suffering damages and other economic losses suffered as a result of the collision.

It is these types of cases that continue to make us advocates for our clients to get as much UM coverage as they can afford.  We recently had an accident case where our client was driving with his wife on I-285 when a straight truck driving in front of him hauling scrap metal lost a piece of scrap metal off the back of his vehicle that struck the pavement in front of our client’s vehicle and flew through his windshield striking him in the face and chest while he was traveling over 65 mph.  He lost consciousness and struck a guard rail.  We were never able to find the driver of the truck who probably never knew the metal fell off much less almost killed someone.

Our client was rushed to Grady Hospital and survived his injuries.  However, the only recovery that could be sought for his damages was through his UM coverage which a month before the accident he had dropped from $300,000.00 per person to $50,000.00, barely enough to cover two days of treatment at Grady Hospital much less the remainder of his damages.

We are seeing more and more cases like this given the current economic environment.  There are more and more uninsured or grossly under-insured drivers on the road than ever before.  Adding to the problem are those who have decided to cut their expenses by lowering their insurance premiums.  The first place people turn to lower their premiums is their UM coverage.  UM coverage should always be the last coverage you decide to lower or eliminate.  This type of coverage is the only protection you and your loved ones have if you are involved in a serious accident like the ones described above.

This is exactly why you should get the highest amount of coverage you can possibly afford.  Not only can you get UM coverage tied to your automobile insurance policy that will protect you in case of injury, you can also get UM coverage through your umbrella insurance policy.  Often with UM coverage through your umbrella insurance policy, you can more coverage for less than through your automobile policy.  Check with your insurance agent.  We recommend getting UM coverage both through your automobile policy and through an umbrella policy.  Umbrella policies are very cheap and can afford you coverage both for your liability and in case you are or a loved one are injured.

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