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Be Aware of The Most Dangerous Christmas Toys This Year

Christmas Wrapped GiftsAs the holidays are upon us, many parents are shopping for the latest toys to gift to their children. Toys can be educational, comforting, or purely recreational but, most importantly, they should be safe for children to use. Toy manufacturers have the legal duty to design, manufacture, and sell toys that are reasonably safe in order to avoid injuries to children. In addition, a toy must be marketed for the correct age group and, if potential hazards do exist regarding a particular toy, the company must warn potential buyers of the risks of injury. If a manufacturer fails to do any of the above and a child suffers injury, the company may be held liable for all of the injury-related losses under the legal principle of products liability.1

The following are some of the most dangerous toys of 2015 as designated by safety advocacy group World Against Toys Causing Harm (W.A.T.C.H.).2

Stats 38 Quick Flooding Trampoline by Toys ‘R’ Us

Similar to a small exercise trampoline, this so-called “toy” is marketed for children as young as six years old. However, a child can very easily fall off of this trampoline and sustain injuries to the head, neck, back, and other parts of the body. The package insert even warns that the trampoline can cause “serious injury, paralysis, or death,” yet the company still markets this as a toy for young children.

Foam Dart Gun by GD.Jiefeng Toys

The company for this dart gun warns to avoid aiming the gun at the face or eyes. However, nothing is mentioned about the dart gun very closely resembling an actual weapon. The orange tip is difficult to see and, therefore, a child holding this dart gun can easily be mistaken for holding a real firearm and others—including police—may react accordingly.

Kick Flipper by Playsmart, Inc.

This is essentially a skateboard without wheels and the packaging states that kids age five and up should “Kick It” and “Flip It.” However, the children on the packaging wear no helmets or safety gear and there is no warning that children should don safety gear to avoid serious head or impact injuries.

These are only some of the toys to watch out for this year. If your child is injured by a dangerous or defective toy, call an experienced Atlanta products liability attorney for help.




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