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Obtaining A Lawrenceville, Ga Accident Report

If you have been involved in a Lawrenceville car accident, one of the first things you are going to want to do is obtain a copy of the Georgia Motor Vehicle Accident Report or MVAR. The good news is there are several ways you can obtain the report from the Lawrenceville Police Department; exchanging convenience for cost.Lawrenceville Accident Lawyers

Lawrenceville accident Most Cost Effective Method

The Lawrenceville Police Department does not charge victims or other parties involved in the crash when they obtain the report in person at the police department or by written request. Most jurisdictions charge on average $5 a copy. Reports are usually ready within 2-5 days of the accident date.

Unfortunately, the police department does charge lawyers requesting copies of the report on behalf of accident victims. The good news is the charge is still only $2.00 and therefore, we tell clients coming to meet us for the first time to not worry if they have not received the accident report yet. We will make a request in writing for the report and usually receive it within a week of the request.

Most Convenient Method

We have for a long time used the internet to obtain accident reports from the Lawrenceville Police Department. The first and only website used to successfully obtain accident reports is This site charges $11.00 a report whether you are a lawyer or one of the victims.

However, the Lawrenceville Police Department has done one better. It has entered into a contract with Open Portal Solutions to allow access to Lawrenceville accident reports for $6.00 through is the fastest way to obtain the report the moment it is ready. At the site, you can enter just the date of the accident, State, last name of a party involved in the accident and the Lawrenceville PD and set up an alert where you will receive an email the moment the report is available on the system.

Once you download the report to a PDF file you can print as many copies as you need.  If you have retained a Lawrenceville car accident lawyer or planning on meeting with one soon, you should print a copy of the report for your lawyer and one for your records.


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