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New Treatment May Help Paralyzed Injury Victims Walk Again

Paralyzed man using his wheelchairSpinal cord injuries1 can be devastating, as they can result in complete paralysis in the victim’s body below the point of the injury. This means that many spinal cord injury victims are left with no movement or sensory abilities in their lower limbs and extremities. Obviously, this prevents them from walking, which will inhibit their abilities to perform certain jobs, will complicate everyday tasks, will require costly medical equipment such as wheelchairs, and may even prevent them from living on their own in the future. For this reason, spinal injuries can be catastrophic and victims can incur millions of dollars in losses.

New hope of paralysis victims

Treatment for permanently paralyzed spinal injury victims often consists of rehabilitative therapy to teach the individual how to cope with their new circumstances. However, a new study funded by the federal National Institutes of Health (NIH)2 may have discovered a new form of treatment that may allow patients to move or even someday walk again. Unlike complicated and risky spinal surgeries, this new treatment is non-invasive and is called transcutaneous stimulation. The medical professionals used electrodes on the lower back to send an electrical current to the spine. In previous studies, such electrical stimulation was administered by implanting a device directly on the spine through surgery.

By using this new non-invasive form of neuromodulation, five different paralyzed patients were able to voluntarily move their legs. They did so while their legs were in braces suspended from the ceiling, so they were not supporting any weight or feeling any gravitational resistance. Though the movements did not simulate walking, it signifies an important step toward the development of an effective non-invasive treatment that may be able to help paralyzed individuals walk in the future.

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