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When Is a Pool Owner Liable For Injuries?

Swimming Pool InjuriesSwimming in a pool or hot tub is a fun activity for individuals and families alike. Unfortunately, any environment with water comes with the risk of drowning or other serious injuries. Like any other property owners, pool or hot tub owners have a duty to keep the premises safe for patrons and other visitors. If a pool owner does not take adequate care of the property or fails to follow safety regulations and someone gets hurt as a result, the owner should be held liable for their negligence and should financially compensate any injured victims.

Negligence leading to pool injuries

Serious injuries can happen in or out of a swimming pool or hot tub and not all pool-related injuries involve drowning. People can also slip and fall or be involved in other accidents when simply walking around the pool area. The following are ways that pool owners can be negligent and lead to injury:

  • Not having an appropriate high barrier around the pool with a self-locking or latching gate to keep out unsupervised small children.
  • Having rough floors or surfaces inside the pool that may hurt to touch.
  • Leaving debris or objects around the pool that may cause slip and fall accidents.
  • Having surfaces on the pool deck that can get slippery or slick when wet.
  • Not posting proper warnings regarding depth of the pool, lifeguards on duty, diving, and more.
  • Not complying with the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act1 and other pool-related federal and state regulations.

These are only some examples of negligence that can lead to pool injuries.

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