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At some point in time, we have all run out and purchased the latest product that claims to have somehow simplified our lives. Excitedly, we arrive home, tear into the packaging and impatiently start the process of enjoying the benefits of our most recent acquisition, only to be terribly disappointed. Occasionally, a fleeting disappointment journeys into the land of Despair. Sometimes a person is injured or killed as a result of using a product. We are a country that has the luxury of excess. While reveling in that fact as we stroll down the aisles of our local mega-superstore, rarely do we stop to think what recourse we would have if our lives were suddenly altered as a result of a damaged or defective product. Legally, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers have a responsibility to both buyers and users, if their products are somehow defective and have caused damages or injuries. A victim has the right to compensation and can pursue legal action against a seller or manufacturer, regardless of whether or not excessive care was exercised. The fact remains that if there is a defective product causing harm, the appropriate party will be held liable, according to the law.

A constant bombardment of advertisements announcing the imminent arrival of new products on a daily basis is becoming commonplace across cultures in today’s society. However, with such pressure being placed on companies to produce the newest thing, fastest, it’s prudent to take a second and ponder the amount of time and research actually invested in the safety of a new product. The attorneys at Boling Rice, with offices located throughout the metro-Atlanta area, are well-versed in this arena, and are happy to utilize their expertise on your behalf to safely navigate you through the tumultuous seas of product liability. For example, although there are several ways in which a product can be classified as defective, there are 3 main categories:

• Design defects – are present from a product’s inception, and are therefore in existence before the product is manufactured

• Manufacturing defects – usually concerns a mistake that occurs in the construction or production of an item, and affects few out of the many

• Marketing defects – deal mostly with the failure to properly inform consumers of the safety risks either through inaccurate instructions or other warning oversights

Today, we take most instructions for granted. Shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are pretty straightforward. Things change when stakes are raised. There are inevitably more hazards when incorrectly using a buzz saw, than dental floss. The effects a defective product can have on your life can be catastrophic and far-reaching. If a damaged product has interrupted your life, it is highly advisable that you immediately get your case evaluated. Being a client of Boling Rice entitles you to receive both an empathetic ear and a feared courtroom adversary in your corner. Our dedication to those whose cases we stringently select is unparalleled. We have several offices sprinkled throughout Atlanta, Alpharetta and Cumming, Georgia, and will even come to you anywhere in the entire state, if you are unable to visit us. We extend personalized attention to you, and make certain that you are kept current on the proceedings of your case. We elucidate the complexities of products liability, some of which include:

• Negligence – a disregard for the level of care that is expected of a person equipped with average judgment capabilities, in a given situation; usually action-oriented behavior, but also includes omissions or failures to act

• Strict Liability – assigns responsibility of the defective product that unreasonably jeopardizes the safety of a consumer or their property, to the seller

• Breach of Warranty – is most commonly affiliated with the failure to warn the consumer of a product’s inherent danger.

There are 3 main sub-categories: breach of express warranty, breach of implied warranty of merchantability, breach of implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

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