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Seat Back Failures Cause Mounting Injuries

Seat back Defect lawyer
Michael Ehline car crash attorney

Auto defects have been making the news of late. Whether it is the GM ignition problem, the Toyota acceleration fault, or others, it is important to know that your vehicle is safe. Your car, truck, or van transports your most precious cargo– yourself and your loved ones. When you put your trust in a vehicle you spent your hard earned dollars on you need it to function as it should in the case of a terrible car accident.

We reached out to Michael Ehline of Ehline Law Firm PC, a catastrophic motor vehicle accident attorney in Los Angeles, California, who specializes in motor vehicle defects claims, to get his view on this recent phenomenon. Ehline, who is also a member of the Circle of Legal Trust, and highly experienced in consumer law issues, says:

“While many safety features have been added to modern vehicles, they are only as useful as the equipment around it. There have been cases where the seat belt assembly works exactly as it should, only to have the seat itself crumple or structurally fail right when it is needed the most. Such seat back failures can cause some of the most severe injuries sustained in these types of accidents. It is not uncommon when a seat back fails in such a manner for there to be serious neck or spinal damage. In extreme cases, if a headrest is severely damaged or broken, even decapitation can occur.”

Such events are frightening to even think about– but every day a family has to deal with such a horrible situation. When car companies are not doing their due diligence, people can be severely hurt and have their lives ruined. Ehline offered a few tips for the unwary consumer as follows: First, he says to make sure that you read up on your car safety manual and any complaints against your car manufacturer for a similar issue. A simple Google search for recalls or lawsuits related to that year and model is often the first step of discovery. Ehine says it is best to conduct research prior to being pressured by a car salesmen to buy the vehicle “now.”

But he also said that in California, there is a three (3) day right of rescission law that arguably can apply to a vehicle sale, and strong fraud, lemon and unfair business practices laws that definitely apply when information like this is concealed from a vehicle purchaser. So if a consumer with buyers remorse discovers their new purchase is wrought with seat back or head rest problems, there may be a basis to “unwind” the sale.

In any event, Ehline says that these types of faults, when they occur during an accident, must be immediately dealt with. Of course, medical care is vital and urgent– but you also need to try and have this never occur to another family. Contacting a qualified attorney that can help litigate and hold the manufacturer liable is a way to serve others so that they will not have to face the same tragedy. The take away is that we must be careful when choosing a car to buy and also have a basic understanding of our rights. If you have additional questions relating to California tort law issues like this to ask of Ehline, feel free to contact him at (213) 596-9642.


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