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Social Media Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media blue puzzle pieces assembledIn this technological age, it is common to regularly post on social media platforms regarding our activities and other aspects of our lives. Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and similar social media sites proudly display photos and status updates of our experiences and opinions. However, these social media posts can have an adverse effect if you have sustained an injury and are trying to recover for your losses. Courts have realized the potential influence that social media postings can have on personal injury claims and, therefore, regularly allow adverse parties access to social media profiles1 and allow relevant posts to be presented as evidence2 against an injured plaintiff when applicable. The following is some general information from experienced Atlanta personal injury attorneys for the use of social media if you are involved in a personal injury case.

Do not post about the case

It is never wise to post anything related to your case on any type of social media. Specifically, you should not post any of the following:

  • Conversations you had with your lawyer
  • Information regarding your medical treatment or diagnosis
  • Frustrations with the adverse party or insurance company
  • Email or phone exchanges with anyone involved in the case

Limit photos, posts, and check-ins in general

Clearly, if you are claiming serious limiting injuries, photos of you hiking or playing sports can cause serious doubt regarding the extent of your injuries. However, even seemingly innocuous posts can be used against you. If you regularly check in at restaurants, parties, or other events with your friends, it can cast doubt on any claims of loss of enjoyment of life, pain and suffering, or emotional distress since you appear to be living life as usual. Additionally, do not allow your friends to tag you in such photos or check-ins as well.

Avoid new requests for followers or friends

In many cases, insurance companies or other parties may have individuals request a connection on social media to get easier access to your photos and information. Do not accept any new requests unless you know the person well.

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