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Tanker Trucks Pose Specific Risks to Other Motorists

Tanker on the roadCommercial trucks perform a vital function in the modern American economy, transporting millions of tons goods, equipment, and materials from place to place each day. Unfortunately, these vehicles also pose and inherent risk of injury to the general public. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) indicates1 that approximately 95,000 people were injured in accidents involving large trucks during 2013.

Transporting certain materials such as liquids or gases requires specialized vehicles known as tanker trucks. These vehicles are characterized by a long cylindrical trailer being towed behind the cab. These vehicles pose a specific set of risks to others on the road, some of which are detailed below.

Rollover Accidents – While all large trucks can cause serious damage if they roll over, tanker trucks pose a particularly high risk of injury in the event of a rollover accident.2 This is due to the fact that the tank that tanker trucks haul is rounded, allowing it roll much farther than a traditional box trailer should it become detached from the truck.

Under-loaded Truck – When tanker trucks are under-loaded with liquid, their cargo can slosh around, causing serious issues with vehicle stability. When this occurs, it significantly increase the risk of a jackknife accident, a particularly dangerous form of truck accident that involves the trailer of a truck folding against the cab in an action resembling that of a folding knife.

Hazardous materials – Tanker trucks are often carrying materials that may be flammable, explosive, corrosive, or harmful to human health. If a tanker truck is involved in an accident and its cargo is released, serious property damage and bodily injury can occur as a result. In some cases, exposure to a tanker truck’s cargo can cause serious health conditions that may require intensive medical treatment and can even result in serious disabilities.

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