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The Dangers Of I-285

empty eight-lane highwayAs recently reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution,1 Interstate 285 has been named as the deadliest highway in the United States, according to certain calculations and statistics. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported the traffic fatalities from 20132 and a writer at divided the fatalities out among the different Interstates across the country. Going strictly by the number of deaths, I-285 had the second-most at 29 fatalities during the year. However, they took the calculations a step further in order to determine the deadliest highway based on distance.

Per every 10 miles, 3.5 fatalities occurred on the 75-mile long stretch of I-285, making it the deadliest interstate in the United States by this type of calculation.3 This unfortunate designation should not come as a surprise to residents in and around Atlanta, as drivers should be aware of the risks of collisions on this highway. In the event that a collision does occur, anyone who was injured should consult with and experienced Atlanta auto accident attorney regarding their rights.

Causes of collisions on the freeway

Many different factors combine to make I-285 do dangerous and prone to accidents, including the following:

Tractor-trailers – Many large commercial trucks drive on I-285 alongside smaller passenger vehicles. Drivers of smaller cars can easily get into the blind spots of these trucks as they try to maneuver around them, often causing truck drivers to have to swerve or slam on their brakes. Truck drivers can also drive negligently on I-285 and cause collisions.

Poor road design and conditions – I-285 has some sharp curves at interchanges, such as at I-75 and I-20. There are also some areas of the freeway that are not properly maintained or that are under construction. All of these conditions can lead to serious accidents.

Drivers from out of town – Many drivers who are not from the Atlanta area take I-285 in an attempt to avoid the traffic on the Downtown Connector. These drivers are not familiar with the curves, exits, on-ramps, and more and they can become distracted and cause collisions.

The above are only some of the many factors that can lead to accidents on I-285 and cause serious, if not fatal, injuries. Click this link to read more about truck accident claims in Georgia.



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