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Unlicensed Georgia Pilot Causes Deadly Crash

Airplane Silhouette At SunsetA farmer in South Georgia had received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)1 in 2010 to build and maintain an experimental RV-10 single engine aircraft. In 2011, the man received a certificate stating he was in adequate physical condition to fly a plane. On September 16, 2015, the plane crashed with the farmer piloting and four passengers on board and all five individuals died.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) sent in investigators2 to try to determine a reason for the crash. They determined that the plane had not malfunctioned and could not identify a specific reason for the accident. However, the NTSB did discover that, despite receiving a medical certificate, the man piloting the aircraft had never received any subsequent credentials such as a pilot license or even a student certificate. Investigators could also find no logbook of any flight hours, so it is unknown whether he had any pilot training whatsoever.

Unlicensed individuals often cause accidents

Most motor vehicles require a license to operate them on public roads. Some vehicles, like commercial trucks and motorcycles, require special licenses. Operating any type of vehicle for which you are unlicensed or otherwise unqualified can lead to devastating results. This is because, without proper training for a particular type of vehicle, you may not know how to maintain control over the vehicle, maneuver, or react if an emergency situation arises. Anyone who has sustained injuries in any type of an accident due to an unlicensed individual should immediately discuss their case with a qualified personal injury attorney to find out how they can recover.

Call an Atlanta accident lawyer for a free consultation as soon as possible

Injuries and fatalities can occur in many types of accidents involving cars, trucks, trains, streetcars, boats, airplanes, and more. Whether you have been involved in a standard rear-end collision at a stop light or you have lost a loved one in a plane crash, you should never hesitate to call to discuss your case.

Wrongful death litigation may be one of the most painful legal actions for plaintiffs in the field of law. In the State of Georgia, it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone can bring a suit against a negligent party for a wrongful death. More information on this very sensitive subject is located here.




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