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What are the Additional Personal Injury Risks on Halloween?

Every year, children throughout the United States look forward to a fun night of costumes, candy, and more on Halloween. Though Halloween should be a fun experience, unfortunately thousands of American children suffer personal injury on this holiday every year. The following are examples of common accidents and injuries on Halloween.

Pedestrian accidentsSafety advocacy group Safe Kids Worldwide reports1 that the risk of a child pedestrian getting hit by a motor vehicle more than doubles on Halloween. The tradition of trick-or-treating means that a far larger number of young people will be out walking the streets, often crossing the street numerous times from house to house. Additionally, such trick-or-treating usually takes place after dark and during heavy traffic times. If drivers are not particularly aware of pedestrians, collisions may easily happen on Halloween.

Fire-related injuriesWith many homes displaying jack-o-lanterns complete with a lit candle or other similar decorations, the risks of flame-related injuries are high on Halloween. Long costumes may catch fire or a child may fall and land on the flame. All costumes should be flame-resistant and any items involving fire should be placed well out of walkways or other pedestrian traffic areas.

Costume-related injuriesMany costumes on Halloween are long and flowing or involve capes and other accessories. Children who are not used to wearing such garments may easily trip and fall. Furthermore, many costumes involve masks that make it difficult to see where they are going, increasing injury risks. Any costume accessories, such as swords or knives, should be soft and pliable to prevent injury if a child slips and falls.

While accidents may happen at any time, Halloween brings particularly high risk of personal injury, especially for children. Parents should follow safety tips published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)2 in order to ensure that their children enjoy this festive holiday and do not suffer unnecessary personal injury. Finally, if your child does suffer injuries because another party was negligent, you should not hesitate to call the Atlanta office of Boling Rice LLC to discuss a potential case with an experienced personal injury lawyer. We offer free consultations, so please call today at (770) 744-0890.




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