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What Happens First With My Injury Claim

As an Atlanta accident attorney handling numerous car accident claims, I am often asked what to expect first from the insurance company after a car accident with injuries.  The first contact you will have will likely be by phone.  The insurance adjuster will call you to discuss your claim.  Why?  Mainly because they will want to get you to agree to do a recorded statement of what happened and how are you injured.

injury claimIs this a big deal?  Absolutely.   You should never allow the insurance company to record a statement.  You simply want to tell them nicely that you do not wish to record a statement put that you make sure to provide them with the police report which should accurately reflect what happened and who is at fault and with medical records and bills which will detail your injuries and treatment.

Why not give the statement?  Because it can only hurt you later not help you in your claim process.  The insurance company is hoping to get you early on in the claim to say things such as “I am really not that badly injured” in case weeks after the accident you find out you were more severly injured, they can use the tape to discredit you later.  Also, they are hoping you will mistate some facts about the accident that they can manipulate later into an inconsistency that may disprove their driver’s fault.  Often times you will innocently say something on the recording that can me taken out of context later.  This is why you want to leave any discription of what happened or your injuires to the written recorded.

Finally, the adjuster will likely want to set up a time to view and take pictures of your vehicle.  Be careful hear too.  Don’t say anyting about your injury claim while the adjuster is there looking at your vehicle.  They may try to get you talking in hopes of learning something useful later.  Also, be mindful of your appearance as the adjuster will be sizing you up as a plaintiff should a lawsuit be filed down the road.

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