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Your Legal Right to Recover for a Hospital Injury

Hospital InjuryWhen you are sick or injured and you go to the hospital, you should be able to trust that the medical professional at that hospital will make your condition better—not worsen it. Unfortunately, thousands of patients suffer new injuries or have a condition worsened during their hospital stay because of negligence on the part of the doctors, nurses, or other staff. If you have suffered unnecessary complications or injuries in a hospital in the Atlanta area, do not hesitate to call the law office of Boling Rice LLC to discuss a potential legal claim. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are zealous advocates for clients who suffer due to the negligence of others, so call (770) 744-0890 for a free consultation as soon as possible.

Common Causes of Hospital Injuries

Patients in hospitals often suffer new injuries or complications due to the following negligent actions or omissions:

  • Failing to evaluate or treat a condition in a timely manner
  • Failing to correctly diagnose an illness, injury, or other medical condition (the primary reason1 for claims against doctors)
  • Ordering the wrong treatment for a patient
  • Not properly monitoring a patient, especially during labor and delivery
  • Prescribing or distributing the wrong type or dosage of medication
  • Having unsanitary facilities
  • Using unsterilized equipment or supplies
  • Staff that fails to adequately wash their hands
  • Having hazards such as slippery floors that cause slip and fall accidents
  • Failing to properly assist and supervise patients when they are out of bed and moving around
  • Accidentally discharging a patient when they required additional treatment
  • Having inadequate security that allows patients to be the victims of assault

Medical professionals and/or the hospital in which they work should be held liable for any unnecessary injury caused to patients due to medical malpractice2 or other forms of negligence.

Bringing a legal claim following a hospital injury can be complicated, however. Hospitals and doctors are aware of the risk of medical malpractice or other injuries and thus they have legal teams and insurance companies prepared to defend against injury claims. For this reason, you always want to have an attorney on your side who knows how to handle this type of case and will aggressively stand up for your rights to recovery.





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