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Atlanta Motorcycle Accidents More Likely to Be Fatal Compared to Car Crashes

The Institute for Highway Safety reports that accidents that involve at least one motorcycle are over 25 times more likely to be fatal as compared to accidents involving cars, based on a mile by mile basis.  While it is quite intuitive for this statistic to exist, the extent of the disparity may still seem shocking to some.

Four wheels are inherently more stable compared to two and motorcycles are also smaller and thus less likely to be seen by other drivers. The driver of a car is contained within the confines of the automobile itself, as opposed to being at heightened risk for being ejected some distance from the exact spot of impact.  The same fact also helps explain why motorcyclists are also at heightened risk for head trauma or even extensive facial injuries, sometimes requiring reconstructive plastic surgery.

The same study also documented that many motorcycle accidents that had injuries or fatalities also involved the use of alcohol.  In 2014, approximately 55% of motorcycle accidents between 9 P.M. and 6 A.M. also had at least one driver over the legal limit for alcohol.  Over 40% of the single-vehicle motorcycle crashes involved the use of alcohol also.  As such, mixing alcohol and driving makes the driver not only a danger to others but a danger to themselves.

Helmets are indispensable in helping to reduce the severity of any head trauma and fatalities.  In over two-thirds of the studies, helmets reduced both head injuries and fatalities (up to 72%).  Some motorcycle drivers claim that the use of a helmet reduces peripheral vision.  If this is the case, helmets of varying designs help to minimize or eliminate this issue.  As for other drivers, caution and awareness are critical, as motorcycles are smaller and thus easier to miss while sharing the road.  The most important time to pay attention for motorcycles is when making lane changes, in high traffic volume situations and even intersections. Indeed, one study showed that 38% of such accidents occur at intersections where at least one driver is making a left hand turn.

No matter whether you are the motorcycle driver, a passenger or the driver or passenger of a car we all have a responsibility to ensure that our roads are safer places for each of us.  No one wants to be at fault for, or the victim of, carelessness or inattentiveness that results in a fatality, personal injury or property damage.


If you or a loved one suffered injuries or perhaps even a fatality during a motorcycle accident, you must speak with an experienced Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney. Call Boling Rice LLC to setup your free consultation. You can also contact us through our online contact form.

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