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Have you been bitten, attacked, or in any way injured by a dog? If so, we highly recommend that you consult a lawyer as soon as possible. In Georgia, a dog bite victim may have limited rights due to the state’s often controversial dog bite laws, which seem to favor dog owners and restrict victims’ rights to financial compensation. If you are to have the best prospect of winning your case, you will need a competent attorney to help.

Georgia Dog Bite Law

Of all states, Georgia may have one of the most complicated and harsh set of laws in regard to a dog bite victim’s right to hold a dog owner accountable for injuries sustained in a dog attack. At the time of this writing, the laws may actually favor dog owners over injury victims and their families. As such, choosing to involve an attorney is all the more important. In Georgia, a dog bite victim must prove three different elements in order to be eligible to recover financial damages from the owner of the dog:

  • The dog was dangerous or vicious
  • The defendant (dog owner) knew of the dog’s dangerous or vicious tendencies
  • The defendant was careless in managing the dog or allowed it to roam free

By conducting a complete investigation and working to build a compelling case built upon hard evidence and witness testimony, a skilled Atlanta dog bite attorney can work to establish all three necessary factors for a dog bite victim to have the greatest opportunity of seek justice and recover financial damages for medical care, lost wages, and possibly much more. Get the legal help you need in the wake of a dog attack by calling (770) 744-0890. You may also contact an Atlanta dog bite injury lawyer at Boling Rice LLC today by filling out our contact form!



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