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Premises liability is a legal term that refers to the liability (legal accountability) of property owners or managers in regard to accidents or injuries that occur on their property grounds. For example, a person visiting a retail store may suddenly slip and fall on a wet floor. If the property owner knew about this dangerous condition and did nothing to fix it or did not post a warning sign to help customers avoid injury, this may be a form of negligence that would be grounds for a premises liability claim or lawsuit. Upon proving the property owner’s responsibility, the injured party may be able to recover money for medical care, lost wages from missed work, and possibly much more. Were you recently injured on another person’s property? If so, you may wish to consider consulting an Atlanta premises liability attorney at our law firm. With proper legal counsel, you will have the opportunity of recovering full financial compensation for all of your injuries: physical, emotional and financial. Recovering the money you deserve and seeking justice may make a great deal of difference in your ability to rebuild and move on with your life.

Types of Premises Liability Claims

At Boling Rice, LLC our experienced personal injury lawyers handle all types of Atlanta, Georgia premises liability claims and lawsuits, including those involving:

With our experience in this field, our dedication to our clients and the resources to fully investigate your case, we at Boling Rice, LLC are confident that we can offer you the level of attorney representation you deserve. Call us today at (770) 744-0890 or contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer online to learn more about your premises liability claim and legal options.



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