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We represent victims of drunk drivers and victims of intoxicated drivers in Metro-Atlanta and throughout the rest of the State of Georgia. Drunk Driving Injury and Intoxicated Driving Injury Cases often are high-value cases, with good reason.

As a result of the public benefit in trying to limit the number of individuals driving drunk on Georgia roads, Georgia law allows for the punishment of drunk drivers not only criminally but civilly. If so warranted, a jury in a personal injury case can award to a victim of injuries caused by a drunk driver additional financial amounts in an effort to punish and deter the drunk driver from such conduct in the future. This award is called punitive damages and is an award in addition to an award for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering recoverable in every type of personal injury case.

If you decide to take your drunk or impaired driving injury case to trial, you will have an additional burden of proof not present in most automobile accident cases. You will have prove that the other driver was under the influence such that their judgment or coordination was impaired. Sometimes this is a no brainer because the at fault driver was ultimately arrested for DUI and his or her blood alcohol level was well over the legal limit. Other times, the impairment level is not clearly established because of trace amounts of an illicit drug or a low blood alcohol level.

Our personal injury lawyers are skilled in proving the level of intoxication and thus impairment at issue in impaired driving and drunk driving cases. We rely heavily on the top toxicology experts in the field to assist the jury with the scientific evidence that establishes the impairment of the at-fault driver. This is vitally important in illicit and prescription drug impairment cases which are often much more difficult case in which to prove impairment causing an accident than in your typical drunk driving case.

In addition to drunk and impaired driving injury cases, our personal injury attorneys are experienced in pursuing what are called dram shop actions. These are actions against restaurants, bars, liquor stores and other businesses that over serve beer, wine or liquor beverages to patrons that then cause injury to a third party. Most often these cases arise out of car accident cases involving a highly intoxicated driver. In Georgia the establishment over serving the at-fault driver and allowing him or her to leave can be held responsible along with the at-fault driver.

Dram shop cases are often highly contested matters that involve an extremely large amount of evidence to prove liability against the business. This is because a plaintiff in these cases must prove that the business knew or should have known that the at-fault party was noticeably intoxicated before he or her left the establishment. This evidence can be established in several different ways, including through witnesses at the establishment that remember the at-fault party’s behavior or how much he or she had to drink, or through credit card receipts showing how much alcohol was purchased.

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of a drunk or impaired driver, additional damages may be able to be recovered through punitive damages or by pursuing a dram shop claim against the establishment over serving. It is always advisable to speak to a personal injury lawyer to learn whether you have such a claim.

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