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It is difficult to imagine how your life would change if you were to suffer a brain injury. The impact of such misfortune is far-reaching and potentially devastating not only on the quality of your life, but also on those of your loved ones.

Our firm is proud of our track record helping victims in need after suffering a brain injury.  The brain injury lawyers at our Atlanta office have helped many victims of traumatic brain injuries recover just compensation for their losses.

If you or a loved one have suffered a traumatic brain injury resulting from the negligent acts of another, please give us a call or fill out our case evaluation form on this website. We take pride in giving potential clients all the attention they need to get answers to their questions and to determine whether their case can be pursued.

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One of the most significant losses suffered after a traumatic brain injury is the loss of life’s enjoyment to level you experience before the injury. Having represented numerous brain injury victims over the years, our attorneys have an intimate understanding of just how strong of a loss this is for many brain injury sufferers and therefore know how to relay this loss to a jury of your peers. 

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Cases Are Not Easy

Traumatic Brain Injuries are an extremely complicated category of injury.  They are categorized as either mild, moderate or severe brain injuries.

The large majority of brain injury cases we see are the result of car accidents and truck accidents. Of those cases, the overwhelming majority are what is called a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. Think concussion.  

Insurance companies love the term Mild Traumatic Brain Injury because it fits into their theory of how to defend and hopefully pay less for these injuries—“MILD.” Insurance companies love to label any brain injury as mild.   

We do not let the insurance companies get away with this strategy because ultimately they are wrong.  Even Mild Traumatic Brain Injury victims have suffered a severe injury.  One that while classified as mild because they can otherwise function normally, can still have devastating affects on a person’s ability to fully enjoy their life. 

The problem that must be overcome in many of these cases is the fact that Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries are often very difficult to diagnose.  Many times mild brain injuries go undiagnosed or diagnosed months and months after the injury causing event.

Even when diagnosed, many doctors will downplay the role of the brain injury as the cause of the symptoms the client is experiencing. Without going to a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of brain injuries, many doctors fail to see the connection of certain symptoms to a mild traumatic brain injury.  

The experience our trial lawyers have obtained helping brain injury victims over the years has allowed them cultivate working relationships with many doctors specializing in brain injury diagnosis and treatment. This allows our attorneys to act as a reference point for many of our clients suffering from a mild traumatic brain injury that they cannot seem to get diagnosed or treated properly.  

Here are some of the subtle signs of a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury:

 Vision Issues;

 Short Term Memory Impairment;

 Decreased Attention Span; and

 Personality Changes Such As Increased Anger.

Types of Cases Involving Brain Injuries We Handle

Auto Accidents

The leading type of head injury case we handle, especially mild traumatic brain injury cases, come from auto crash. Loss of consciousness after a significant collision happens often. As a result, we have handled many post-concussive syndrome, mild traumatic brain injury cases.

We have seen the misdiagnosis of many brain injuries after a simple whiplash injury. This is because when a person’s neck and thus head is whipped back and forward violently during a wreck, the brain is also being pushed against the back of the skull and then violently forward against the front of the skull.  The person’s neck physically hurts but also complains of headaches and maybe vision issues or concentration problems after the wreck. 

Our brain injury lawyers have successfully handled many traumatic brain injury cases resulting from car accidents of all kinds. If you or a family member are exhibiting the signs of a traumatic brain injury after an auto accident case, contact us to speak to one of our trial lawyers today.   

Other Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents 

Naturally, other types of motor vehicle accidents such as motorcycle accidents or tractor-trailer accidents are also significant causes of brain injuries. 

More Cases We Handle Involving Brain Injuries

 Here is a list of additional types of cases we have handled in which a traumatic brain injury was involved:

→  Slip, Trip and Falls

→  Construction/Industrial Accidents

→  Chemical and Other Toxin Exposure

→  Criminal Actions

Traumatic Brain Injury Facts

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is considered a leading cause of death for people aged 45 years and younger. Although difficult to accurately assess the number of people that currently suffer from a TBI, the numbers we do have are shocking, notwithstanding.

In the United States, 1.5 million people are a recipient of a TBI each year, 50,000 of which die each year, & 85,000 of which go on to suffer long-term effects. Interestingly, males are nearly twice as likely to fall prey to a TBI, and African Americans have the highest death rate.

Not surprisingly, there are more than 5.3 million people that are living with a TBI disability, and that number grows every day. Indented block Traumatic Brain Injuries seem to have the most lethal effect on the most susceptible members of our society; the very young, and the elderly. Between these two poles, TBIs are overwhelmingly prevalent with the 0-19 age group being at the highest risk for an incident occurring, and adults over the age of 75, once having the incident occur, are at the highest risk for hospitalization and death as a result.

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