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Who is Liable in a Chain Reaction Crash?

Determining who was liable for causing a car accident is not always simple. In many cases, drivers may understandably try to blame the other and both may have made mistakes to contribute to the crash. Deciding who is liable can be particularly challenging in a chain reaction crash that involved many different vehicles and drivers.

An extremely serious accident occurred in Atlanta last month that shut down I-20 for several hours due to serious damage and injury on both sides of the highway. The events leading to the accident were complicated and were reported as follows:

  • A westbound driver changed lanes and crashed into another vehicle, causing her to lose control. Her vehicle flipped over and she was thrown from the car, as she did not have her seat belt fastened. She was taken to the hospital for injuries, but survived.
  • An eastbound driving who was operating a large flatbed truck in the left lane saw the crash across the highway. He pulled his truck onto the left shoulder to get out and try to help, however, part of the truck was still in the left lane.
  • Another eastbound driver of a van was reportedly tailgating and did not have time to avoid slamming into the rear right corner of the flatbed truck. That driver was also ejected and did not survive the crash.

In the above accident, the surviving family members of the deceased driver of the van may wonder if they can file wrongful death charges in the accident. However, in such a chain reaction crash, several people may potentially be at fault and it is necessary to file a claim against the correct parties and prove their negligence.

First, because the westbound driver did set the events in motion by first crashing and flipping her car, someone may immediately point blame at her.

However, the van driver would not have crashed without the decision of the truck driver to pull over onto the left shoulder. In addition, the van driver might not have crashed into the truck if he had not been following too closely and had adequate time to slow down or change lanes to avoid hitting the truck. So all three drivers made errors that contributed to the series of tragic events that occurred.

This accident is only one example of how complex chain reaction crashes can be, especially when it comes to determining liability for the sake of legal recovery. For this reason, it is extremely important that you seek assistance from an Atlanta car accident attorney who knows how to investigate and identify the right responsible parties.

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