Important Keys To Hiring The Right Atlanta Injury Lawyer

We understand that hiring a personal injury lawyer is a stressful process after you have been injured.  How do you select the right lawyer? How do you insure you get the best lawyer?  

Below we provide what we believe to be several key tips and strategies to keep in mind and use during your search for a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta.  

Look To Hire A Trial Lawyer Not Just A “Personal Injury Lawyer”

If you search the internet for an Atlanta personal injury lawyer, you will find a never ending list of lawyers advertising and trying to get you to hire them as your injury attorney.  We suggest you be careful here.  

Not every lawyer in Atlanta who says they handle personal injury and wrongful death cases actual are willing to try your case to a jury to obtain the best result possible in every case.  We believe this is a very important distinction between lawyers.  A “personal injury lawyer” is not necessarily a trial lawyer.    

Many lawyers out there do not have practices that mainly focus on personal injury matters and therefore are unwilling to take the risk of trying a personal injury case to a jury.  This is problematic for you the client because the lawyer then has his or her own reasons for trying to get the case settled for what he or she can obtain from the other side.

A personal injury case should or should not be tried based on the evidence in the case (likelihood of success at trial) versus the other side’s best offer to avoid trial and your willingness to try the case versus taking the best offer from the other side based on the above analysis given to you by an experience trial lawyer. PERIOD!

Why We Believe Hiring A Trial Lawyer Is Important

The simple answer is because in Georgia the only thing an injury victim has a right to is a trial by jury to determine the value of his or her case. The longer answer is because you only truly unlock the full value of your case in our experience if the other side knows you have hired a good trial lawyer who is willing to try your case to a jury.  

If the other side knows and believe me they know, that you have hired a lawyer who does not take cases to trial, you will likely never receive the best offer possible for your case before trial. In our experience, the simple fact of the matter is that obtaining full value for a personal injury case demands a willingness to try the case and having the other side recognize that as an actual likelihood.   

Pare Down The List And Research Each Lawyer

By using the trial lawyer criteria discussed above, you should be able to pare down the list of eligible lawyers to several eligible candidates. Take that list and research each lawyer.  Look at their experience.  Check their client reviews.  Look at their case results.  Get a feel for their philosophy on representing injury victims.

Pare Down The Candidates To Two or Three and Speak To Each    

At this point, you should have a list of very qualified trial attorneys to choose from.  We now recommend that you call each lawyer.  Get a feel for the firm environment and the lawyer him or herself.  

Do they even answer your call the first time?  Did you get to the lawyer right away?  If not, did the lawyer call you back quickly?

If you speak to the lawyer, get a feel for the lawyer’s personality.  Do you like him or her?  Are they personable?  Do they seem genuine? Are they accessible?

After speaking to each lawyer on the phone, are there any that stand out to you?  Did you feel comfortable for one over the other?

Request An In-Person Interview

The large majority of our clients end up wanting to hire us to represent them after speaking to us on the phone.  However, that may not happen for you.  If you do not have one lawyer in mind after your phone interviews, ask for an in-person interview.  

Sometimes it takes meeting the lawyer in person to feel comfortable with your selection.  This is natural and the lawyers you are speaking to should be more than willing to meet with you for free so you can interview them further.  If they are hesitant, this may be a reason to take them out of consideration. 

Much like the phone interview, the purpose of the in-person interview is to get a better feel for the lawyer and whether you like them and feel comfortable with them. 

If you would like to speak to one of our trial lawyers as part of your process of hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case, please give us a call.  Our attorneys always will make time to speak to you directly.